You should start with that priority piece and not worry about the elbow yet I would think. I duck and cover only and don’t run because I usually am not sure where the ball is coming from and don’t want to run into it. The thread below goes into more detail about elbow positions. Posted June 20, And for the millions of us who have trouble with a driver, having a few different options available within one driver can be a helpful option off the tee. Originally Posted by blue72ss This video by Taylormade golf contradicts the tunetaylormade.

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So far I’ve shaved about 4 strokes off my game. We’d love to have you!

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The different lofts could have been a typo previously. I duck and cover only and don’t run because I usually am not sure where the ball is coming from and don’t want to run into it. adjusting rbz stage 2

Now, in the old days, adjusting rbz stage 2 you wanted to increase the loft of a metal wood, you clamped it so that the face was square to the clamp and bent the shaft forward the desired number of degrees.

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TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver

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All the systems work the same – the shaft goes in at a slight angle to the hosel so as you swivel the shaft, the angle of the face changes – this effects the adjusting rbz stage 2 loft. You use an included torque wrench to adjusting rbz stage 2 the head of the RocketBallz driver and re-attach it in any one of three settings to change the face angle and effective loft of the club.

TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver – Golfalot

SmiterofPV1x 41 years old. Both the booklet and website were completely worthless in answering any questions. WOW TM Cobra had already had this technology in play and you basically use adusting same concept and call it original?

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By VinskMay 22, in Member Swings. Originally Posted by Wade You should’ve bough the R11s if you wanted more adjustability. Posted 21 March – Inversely, if you decrease the loft, the club will turn open when placed on the ground. Prev adjusting rbz stage 2 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

RBZ Stage 2 Loft Adjustments

Combining the new 4,mm black clubface, the new decals have been developed in adjusting rbz stage 2 with Dr. Because your shoulder turn is flatter, it is harder for you to get your arms in the right position adjusting rbz stage 2 the downswing. Current set up is: Posted 25 April – For example, I dont want to go higher by the full 1. The club has eight positions, the instruction book shows 8 positions, the print on the club only has 4 positions marked.


No matter what TM or Titleist doesn’t say. Originally Posted by moparman For reference: My fairway was clear. I would prefer not to have to just experiment with each one. Kind of thin on data by WRX standards.

Posted April 10, And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? This thread adjusfing days old. The TM priciple is exactly the same priciple but instead of labeling their adjustments open or closed, they’ve now changed the wording to higher or lower presumably as loft adjustment is seen as a more desirable trait adjusting rbz stage 2 face angle adjustment Of course, now Callaway have joined the party 4 years later “every other driver simply has to adjust” or something I think adjusting rbz stage 2 was a mistake to play on Xtage Day.