Page — A device that transfers bits of data simultaneously through the eight separate wires in a parallel cable. Pressing it will not turn on or turn off the When you double-click the Compaq Diagnostics Compaq Support folder on the Windows desktop, a progress bar is displayed while the application analyzes your Internet PC for information about its components. Using Mcafee Anti-virus Software Replacing A Battery Symptom Audio recordings DVD is not set up properly. Removing The Cover

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Maintaining Your Internet Pc This code is useful information for a Compaq technician, who can advise you on how to fix your computer. Page Windows redetect the SuperDisk driver.

Presario QuickSpecs

These resources include the following: Page Glossary-2 boot — To start up a computer. The Sleep button on the Compaq Internet Keyboard will only put the computer into the Sleep mode or wake it from the Sleep mode. Page Internet PC, press the Power button again.

Go to Bookmark displays the Bookmark window. With specific regard to the laser, the equipment complies with laser product performance standards set by government agencies for a Class 1 laser product.

Compaq Presario 7360 Manuals

Close closes the window. During the start up process, information necessary for the computer to operate is loaded into the memory.


Page 96 Using a screwdriver, remove the metal knockout plate as shown. See User Agreement for additional terms and conditions. Eyes Safety and Comfort Eyes Working at your computer for long periods can be a visually demanding task and may cause your eyes to become irritated and fatigued.

Compaq Presario Manuals

Adjust your keyboard slope so that your wrists are straight. Surfing The Internet Compaq Computer Corporation P.

Table of contents Preswrio Notes Or call for an order form. Arranging Icons Arranging Icons You can arrange the icons on your desktop for quick and easy access to frequently used items. For More Information In addition, this Guide contains product safety information applicable to all Compaq products. Index-2 files searching for fixing problems flat-panel monitor troubleshooting game troubleshooting government approvals CDRH regulations class B digital device real-time clock battery replacement ringer equivalence number safety telephone consumer protection act of typical agency labels hard drive activity light Allows you to access the Compaq Service and Support Web page for your country.

Feet, Knees, And Legs Support for your area.

Creating New Folders View of a Typical Data Cable Forearms, Wrists, And Hands Safety and Comfort Forearms, Wrists, and Hands Keep your forearms, wrists, and hands aligned in a straight, neutral position, whether you are working at a desk or table, or sitting on a couch or bed. Ringer Equivalence Number ren Government Approvals Ringer Equivalence Number REN The REN is useful to determine the quantity of devices you may connect to your telephone line and still have all of the devices ring when your telephone number is called.


Internet PC, press the Power button again. Before purchasing an expansion card or equipment that requires the installation of an expansion card, ensure that the new card and equipment is compatible with your Internet PC. Glossary wide area network — Geographically separated computers linked together for the purpose of sharing resources, such as data.

Scanning for Viruses To configure and perform a virus scan of your diskettes, your local hard drive, or a network drive, complete the following steps: Testing Equipment You can save this information by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the window.