Retighten the screw and output another sample to check the adjusted position of the hole punch. Adjusts in direction D 3. T Blank Streaks or Bands Moreover you will have only one partner for services and consumables for your copying, printing and faxing. Use the measuring scale above the green lever as a guide to determine the amount of the adjustment. Handling of PWBs 1.

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Adjusts in direction C -: Always keep minolra imaging unit in a horizontal position when handling it. Refer to the Optional Cassette Setup Instructions packaged with the cassette for a description of the setup procedures. Adjust so that width A on the test pattern copy falls within the following range. Turn the bolt clockwise If the magnet is too low: Now, wipe the surface of the PC Drum in one con- tinuous movement from its rear edge to its front edge and off its surface diakta to two times.

Slide the pulley to the front and fit one retaining ring E type.

Konica Minolta DiALTA Di Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

Call the Initial mode to the screen. Remove two screws and the Rear Cover. NOTE Tighten the screw after aligning the hole position. As a one-off acquisition, Di f gives you better value for money than four individual stand-alone copiers, printers, faxes and scanners.


Holding onto the green handles, slide the Imag- ing Cartridge part of the way out. Use two accessory screws 4 x 8 mm to secure the mounting frame. Automatic Document Feeder AF-9 By continuing you agree to their use. diialta

Minolta Di251 Service Manual

Remove one shoulder screw and the gear. Then grasp the handle on top of the cartridge and pull the cartridge out. Pc Drum Cleaning Remove one spring and the upper and lower Synchronizing Roller bushings. Place the paper feed unit on top of the copy table so that the rubber feet on the paper feed unit are correctly aligned on the copy table.

Touching them may result in a burn. Output the test print.

Konica Minolta DiALTA Di Copier A3 Multifunction Printer

If it becomes unavoidably necessary to disassemble any of these assemblies and units, disassembly may be done provided that the conditions permitting reassembly are minoltta. Touch Panel Setting The default is Highlighted Display Intelligent Sorting Select whether to enable or disable the function that automatically switches between Sort and Non-Sort according to the number of orig- inals and the number of copy sets to be made.


Then, holding kinolta MFB2 Board Assy at the slit with a finger of your left hand see the illustrationremove the assy. NOTE If a holder has already been installed onto the copier, reposition it as shown in the illustration to the left.

Unplug two connectors in the rear. Remove the Shield Box.

Explanation of the Touch Panel Image Transfer Roller 2. Connect two cables to the copier as shown. Then, secure the Bead End minolra with tape. M Paper Take-Up Roll Page Removal of the Scanner 1. Remove the caps two.

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