Page 58 Sending Scan Files to Folders Depending on the destination setting, enter the user name for logging on to the client computer. By pressing [Change], you can change the selected destination. Setting File Name This section explains the procedure for setting a file name. If the network delivery scanner screen is being displayed, switch to the Scan to Folder screen as follows: By specifying data for a stored file, you can search for the file by user name or file name, or protect the file with a password to prevent other people from ac- cessing the file. Relationship between Resolution and File Size This section explains the relationship between resolution and original size. For de- tails, see “Simultaneous Storage and Sending by E-mail”.

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Ricoh Aficio MP Toner Cartridges – Internet Ink

Use the Preview screen to check that of originals have been scanned correctly. Page 34 Sending Scan Files by E-mail Press [Names], and then specify ricoh aficio mp 5500 name and other information to be regis- tered.

Deleting a Stored File This section explains how to delete a stored file. If necessary, press [Subject] to specify the e-mail subject. If you forget it, riccoh the system administrator of the machine.

For details about how to set Short IDs, see the manu- als supplied with the ScanRouter delivery software. Enter a file name.

The soft keyboard appears so you can enter the e-mail address. If the network delivery scanner screen or Scan to Folder screen appears, switch to the E-mail screen.


The ricoh aficio mp 5500 the resolution dpi is set, the smaller the area that can be scanned. Delivering Scan Files 4. Specify resolution, scan size, and other settings, as required. You can specify e-mail destinations by any of the following methods: Repeat this step until all originals are scanned.

You can select or specify an item by pressing it. Page 98 Delivering Scan Files Selecting destinations by entering their registration numbers Select a ricoh aficio mp 5500 by entering its Short ID number registered using the Scan- Router delivery software. Basic Operation for Delivering Files Reference p. Programs Deleting a Program To delete a registered program: Programs Select the number of the program in which you want to register the set- tings.

Specifying the Subject of the E-mail to Be Transmitted via the Delivery Server Specifying the Subject of the E-mail to Be Transmitted via the Delivery Server This section explains how to specify the e-mail subject when sending a file by e- mail via the ricoh aficio mp 5500 server.

These buttons increase or decrease the image density in single increments up to Selecting [Auto Density] corrects scanning density to improve resolution of paper types such as non-white ricoh aficio mp 5500 like newspaper or transparent originals. About the Scanner Functions This section describes functions you can use in the scanner mode. You can send a file by Scan to Folder by any of the following methods: To search by e-mail address, press [E-mail Address].

Sending Scan Agicio to Folders Press [Names], and then specify the name and other information to be regis- tered. Storage Function Appendix Storage Function The following table tells you the maximum values of the storage function set- tings. The key of ricoh aficio mp 5500 selected destination is highlighted, and the destination appears in the destination field at the top of the screen. SCAN You can change this file name.


The password entered here will be required to open the PDF file. Delivering Scan Files Specify the destination.

Specifications Appendix Specifications The following ricoh aficio mp 5500 tells you the specifications of the scanner. If necessary, press [Scan Settings] to specify scanner settings such as resolu- tion and scan size. Press [Manual Entry] to the right of the user name field to display the soft key- board. aficko

Ricoh Aficio MP 5500 SP 55CPM Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

If you are scanning batches, place the next originals. Press [Original Feed Type]. Additionally, passwords can be assigned to PDFs that only intended recipients would have access to and up to user codes can be assigned to employees or departments to prevent unauthorized usage of the systems.

For details about ricoh aficio mp 5500 ScanRouter delivery software, see the manuals supplied with the ScanRouter delivery software.